Gas Purifiers

Silicon Connection is proud to be the appointed distributor for Entegris gas purifiers.

Entegris manufactures a wide range of gas purifiers designed to improve gas purity with high reliability and performance.

There are 4 broad categories of Entegris gas purifiers which we supply:

Entegris Gatekeeper® GPU series are cost-effective gas purification for point-of-use application.

These purifiers transform low purity gases into UHP grade, reducing process costs.

GPUs can be installed to remove halogenated gases, hydrides, reactive oxides, hydrocarbons, fluorocarbons and chlorocarbons at various flow rates.

Learn more about Entegris Gatekeeper® GPU Gas Purifiers.

Entegris GateKeeper® GPU Gas Purifiers

Entegris Gatekeeper® HGU series, on the other hand, uses heated getters technology.

They are ideal for removing Methane (CH4) or Nitrogen (N2) for point-of-use purification.

We have various models available:

  • PS2-GC50

  • PS3-MT3

  • PS4-MT3, PS4-MT15

  • PS4-MT50

Read more about Entegris GateKeeper® HGU Heated Getter Gas Purifiers.

Entegris GateKeeper Gas Purifier PS2-GC50
Entegris GateKeeper Gas Purifier PS3-MT3

We also sell gas purification systems in a form of capital equipment.

These are called Gatekeeper® GPS, which are typically used for higher flow rates and for  bulk gas purification. It can efficiently remove numerous impurities with high reliability and at the same time it has auto regeneration features.

Using dual gas purifiers within the system, a Gatekeeper® GPS can alternate between purification and regeneration modes. As a result, customers can enjoy continuous gas purification, without any changeout interruptions.

Check out our variety of Entegris GateKeeper® GPS (Gas Purification System).

Entegris GateKeeper Gas Purification System (GPS)

Entegris Palladium Hydrogen Purifiers work by dissolving the H2 into the Pd membrane.

The pressure across the membrane pushes the Hydrogen molecules through the membrane.

No other gas can pass through Pd, ensuring that the output gas is the purest Hydrogen possible.

Learn more about Entegris Palladium Hydrogen Purifiers.

Entegris Palladium Hydrogen Purifier
As there are various models and numerous selection criteria, please consult our technical support team should you have any enquiries relating to Entegris gas purifiers.

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