Wafer Handling Equipment

Silicon Connection provides NBS high-quality wafer packing/ unpacking equipment with sales support for our customers. The wafer handling equipment has a small footprint and ensure no ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage due to human handling the wafer.  

NBS Wafer Packing WPC EVO


WPC 300
Collective 300mm wafer packing

Equipment Functionalities
  • Automated systems for handling, sorting, packing, unpacking wafers
  • Backside inspection – micro-cracks, peripheral breakages
  • 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm wafer solutions
  • HSMS/SECS/GEM/300mm communication
  • Ultra-thin wafer handling
  • 300mm, transferring wafers between FOUP/FOSB and HWS (Vice Versa)
NBS WPC200 Advance

WPC 200 Advance
Collective 200mm wafer packing


Provides the lowest cost of ownership process for automatically sorting, packing and unpacking wafers, without damage, with complete traceability.

WPC EVO quickly and safely sorts and transfers 200mm and/or 300 mm silicon wafers between a variety of industry standard cassettes and “coin stack” horizontal wafer shippers.

WPC EVO automatically manages every step of the packing process including verification of each wafer handled and manipulation of all wafer packing materials.

WPC EVO is the smallest, safest, fastest and most reliable solution for your automated wafer storage and shipment needs.

Contact us for complete technical specifications for WPC EVO.



300 mm automated wafer packing/unpacking/sorting equipment


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