Tools Rental

Not all customers will find it financially justifiable to purchase PFA flaring tools, especially if you are working on short-term, one-off engineering projects that requires you to use the tool to create joints for limited time only.

Silicon Connection provides you the alternative solution of renting out flaring tools to serve such needs. We can customise our quote based on the time period needed, for example one week rental or one month rental period. We can deliver the tools to your site office, and we can even provide technical assistance or training if you are not familiar with its usage.

Our Product Range

We have 2 basic types of tools for rental:

Entegris Cold Flaring Tool Kit

This is also known as Room Temperature Flaring Tools. For that, the tools comes with mandrels designed for OD sizes ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾” & 1”.


Entegris Primelock ® Assembly Tool Kit

This is also known as Primelock ® Insertion Tool Kit. This Primelock ® tool which we are renting out is the handheld version (vs bench top version). It is very compact and is designed to allow customers to create Primelock ® PFA joints at remote locations.

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