Technical Support

Silicon Connection’s team of Technical Engineers, along with our supportive partners, is ready to assist you with your technical enquiries. Additionally, we conduct trainings for our customers on product usage and maintenance of various product lines.

For NBS Technologies Wafer Handling Equipment, we conduct trainings regularly targeting different users of the machine; including Process Engineers, Maintenance Engineers and Equipment Operators, to address their questions regarding the equipment.

For partner Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE), we jointly provide seminar style training to help customers with the selection of O-Ring types for their specific application material requirement, and guidance on proper usage of O-Ring & Seal in the fab.

More recently, we hold our first on-site training workshop in collaboration with our partner Schott. The workshop gives attendees detailed understanding about the Lighting and Imaging Products and how the technology is vital in various fields and applications.

In addition to trainings and application support, our Technical Engineers are able to provide custom solutions to solve unique challenges faced by our customers. Working in-house, our team innovated Drum Adaptor Customisation to solve the issue of mismatch drum insert and drum opening thread. This solution has helped customers in semiconductor and other related industries.

Our Technical Engineers are well-experienced, and we work closely with our partners who are industry experts, to offer our customers the best solutions.

We prioritise our customers’ requirements and enquiries. We strive to go the extra mile to provide knowledge, support and services. Feel free to contact us for any product or technical enquiry.

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