Premium Graphite

We offer premium graphite from Poco Graphite (another esteemed brand from Entegris).

POCO materials are used in many diverse applications and industries, including semiconductor applications. As a producer of highly technical materials, POCO offers exceptional customer support, including specific application information, design capability, machining and materials testing.

Poco Graphite maintains machining facilities for Graphite and Silicon Carbide machining operations in a 50,000 square foot facility. POCO facilities are ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100:2004 certified.

Although it is impossible to identify differences between various grades of graphite by looking at them, each grade has a special set of characteristics and physical properties that determine their performance under specific conditions. The manufacturing process for each grade is tightly controlled to produce materials that have a uniform microstructure and the right balance of strength, grain size and hardness to offer optimum performance for their intended applications.

Poco graphites are unique among the many graphites available on the market. The best results require the best materials. POCO has built its reputation on the development and consistent manufacture of these high performance, premium graphites.


Poco GraphitePoco Graphite
Poco Graphite

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