Gel-Pak is the leader in innovative packaging solutions for handling, transporting and processing small, valuable devices.
For more than 25 years, Gel-Pak’s proprietary Elastomer Technology serves as the basis of the films, trays and carriers that are configured to meet the safe handling and shipping needs of manufacturers of advanced devices. Gel-Pak packaging solutions are widely adopted in the semiconductor, optoelectronic, fibre optics, telecommunication, medical, automotive industries.


Gel-Pak, established since 1980, is headquartered in Hayward, California. Companies that are using Gel-Pak products range from small startup manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies.

Gel-Pak Products

Gel-Pak products are made from “Gel”, a highly cross-linked proprietary polymer material. This material holds a device securely in place on contact based on surface tension. It is however weak in the peel direction, thus enables the device to be easily unloaded from the Gel surface.

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