Microelectronics Packaging

In the hi-tech field of Electronic Engineering, Microelectronics Packaging is key to quality in the complex process of manufacturing.

Microelectronics Packaging encompasses the specialized protective features to enclose both wafers and bare die. Packaging must ensure protection from potential damage which may arise from various stages of the manufacturing process such as breakage during shipping, contamination, electrostatic discharge and more. The packaging must also deliver reasonable cost and operational convenience to manufacturers and their supply chains. 

Different Microelectronics Packagings are required for high-tech industries such as Semiconductor and Data Storage manufacturing. Packaging materials must fit the specialized systems used in these advanced techonology processes. Each packaging type is designed to cater to the uniqueness of the components and products. Packaging for Microelectronics is constantly evolving to meet the demands of optimizing performance and technology innovations.

At Silicon Connection, we specialize in a comprehensive range of packaging products for use in-process use, for storage and for shipping purposes. Products designed for in-process use focuses additionally on automation compatibility, ergonomics and durability; while those designed for shipment are made to be shipment-friendly (both in terms of light-weight, protection against drops, and even ease of reuse or cleaning).

Certain range of our products such as Gel-Pak‘s AD boxes are commonly used for storing reference samples for a prolonged period of time. Great care is taken to ensure minimal product outgassing, which may otherwise contaminate our customer’s delicate devices.

Our Product Range

We offer Microelectronics Packaging solutions from established brands such as Entegris, Gel-Pak and more. Our products are certified to meet industrial criteria and to deliver optimum quality and performance.

Check out our products in each of these range or contact us for more information!

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