Cleaning & Reuse

Silicon Connection provides parts Cleaning Services for the products used in the semiconductor industry, including but not limited to wafer shippers, wafer cassettes, FOSB (Front-Opening Shipping Box) and FOUP (Front Opening Unified Pod). We also support customers’ Reuse Programme with supply of selected products.

The parts sent from customers for cleaning will go through an aqueous ultrasonic washing process, before being packed in a Class 100 cleanroom environment. After washing, the products are then double sealed to protect and prevent from particle contamination.

 For certain products which we can harvest from the secondary market, for example HWS (Horizontal Wafer Shippers), we can design for customers’ Reuse Programme, or offer a combination of new and used for sustainable supply.

Utilizing Class 100 cleanroom facility with aqueous ultrasonic cleaning process, there is a standard of the environment and quality you can be assured of.

Cleaning & Reuse

Our parts cleaning service is applicable for products like FOSB (pictured above)

We will check with customers about the cleaning requirements and what types of product to be sent for cleaning. Prior to cleaning, we will do an assessment to check the suitability of the product for cleaning to meet the requirements. A product sample provided for assessment before cleaning will be ideal.

We provide logistic support for parts cleaning service, including 2-way transport and/or warehousing arrangements.

Other services such as Liquid Particle Count (LPC) or other laboratory analysis are available upon request and assessment.

Please contact us to enquire more about cleaning and reuse service.  We will do our best to cater to your cleaning needs.

Front Opening Unified Pod (FOUP)

Our FOUPs provide clean and safe transportation for wafers, efficient integration in manufacturing and minimise cost for your operations.

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