Entegris, Inc

Entegris Inc is the global leader in materials integrity management.

For more than 50 years, Entegris delivers advanced technology, product and service solutions that purify, protect and transport critical materials used in the Semiconductor and other world-class manufacturing environments. These products and solutions are used in the world’s most advanced microelectronic products such as computers, mobile devices, data storage components and more.

Entegris products are manufactured and serviced around the globe. Their products and solutions serve the microelectronics, life sciences, energy and aerospace industries. Some of the reputable brands by Entegris include Cynergy® and Poco Graphite.

Entegris is listed in Nasdaq (ENTG) since 2000. The company is headquartered in Billerica, MA; and supported with manufacturing, service centres and research facilities in the United States, Singapore, China, France, Germany, Isreal, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan.

Entegris Products

Entegris is the leader in technology and quality for their product categories, consistently delivering premium performance to business operations. Entegris products, made from the highest grade of materials, are available in a wide portfolio of components and systems.

The products which Silicon Connection distributes for Entegris include wafer & recticle handling products, products to handle bare die & devices, filtration, liquid systems/ fluid handling products, Front Opening Unified Pods (FOUP), wafer handling devices and premium graphite materials.

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Microelectronics packaging products from Entegris are available.

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