Wafer & Specialty Materials

At Silicon Connection, we understand our customers’ needs.

Semiconductor back-end manufacturing requires a variety of wafers for different stages of manufacturing process. Blank wafers, also known as dummy wafers or mechanical grade wafers for example, are used for setting up back grind and dicing operations. Test grade wafers are used for wire bonding operations, checking of electrical integrity for drop tests, for checking process cleanliness (particle count) and a multitude of applications.

Besides the exotic range of wafers, we are also an established suppplier for premium grade graphite and Silicon Carbide materials. These high purity, low porosity graphite materials can be machined to parts with very precise dimensions for high temperature application and other application, such as  wafer cassettes in dry etch, E-beam crucibles, BGA plates for solder bumping process, and even for manufacturing aerospace engine parts.

Besides Graphite and Silicon Wafers, Silicon Connection works with customers to provide parts molded or machined out of made out of PEEK, PEI, PVDF, PFA and many other specialty materials.

Our Product Range

Check out our range of Wafer and Premium Graphite or contact us for more information!

Wafer : We provide off-spec/ fallout wafers, different grades of dummy/ reclaimed wafers, and test grade wafers. Pick your selection from our various types and sizes. You will surely find something that fit your needs!

Premium Graphite: We supply premium graphite from Poco Graphite (by Entegris company). The graphite materials are widely used in high-tech industrial bio-medical and semiconductor applications. Choose Poco Graphite to ensure the optimum performance in your applications!

Lighting and Imaging Products

We provide vision systems and lightings used in industrial and microscopy application.

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