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Schott EasyLED Series

Schott EasyLED Series

Schott EasyLED Series including Ringlights, Backlights and Spotlights are key elements in stereo microscopy.

Schott EasyLED Application

Schott EasyLED is the ideal standard illumination system for routine examinations, research, and education applications.

System Diagram for EasyLED series

Visual of components and accessories for Schott model EasyLED series.

Datasheet Schott EasyLED Spotlights

Schott EasyLED Spotlights, consisting of Spotlight Plus System and Double Spotlight Plus System.

Datasheet Schott EasyLED Ringlights

Schott EasyLED Ringlights, consisting of Ringlight and Ringlight Plus.

Datasheet Schott EasyLED Backlights

Schott EasyLED Backlights, consisting of Transmitted Light Stage.

Datasheet Schott EasyLED Accessories

Schott EasyLED Accessories, consisting of polarizing Filters, diffusor and protection window for ringlight, colour filters for spotlight and mounting adaptor.

Schott KL Series

Schott KL Series

Schott KL Series can make hidden details visible and enhance the contrast of objects to distinguish the feature of interest.

Schott MLS Light Source

Schott MLS Light Source provide longer life, lower energy consumption, higher performance and compact design to meet your illumination needs.

System Diagram KL 1600 LED / KL 2500 LED / KL 1500 HAL

Visual of components and accessories for Schott model KL 1500 HAL / KL 1600 LED / KL 2500 LED.

System Diagram KL 300 LED

Visual of components and accessories for Schott model KL 300 LED.

Datasheet Schott 4-Point Ringlights

Datasheet 4-point Ringlights for 30mm and 66mm type.

Datasheet Schott 6-Point Ringlights

Datasheet 6-point Ringlights for 58mm and 66mm type.

Datasheet Schott Annular Ringlights

Datasheet Annular Ringlights for 58mm and 66mm type.

Datasheet Schott Darkfield Ringlights

Datasheet Darkfield Ringlights for 66mm and 70mm type.

Datasheet Schott Darkfield Ringlight A22780

Datasheet Darkfield Ringlight for oblique lighting effects.

Datasheet Schott Diffusing Facelight

Datasheet Diffusing Facelight, white acrylic diffuser plate provides an optimum combination of uniformity and intensity.

Datasheet Schott KL 1500 HAL

Datasheet for KL 1500 HAL, a 150 W halogen cold light source, developed and designed for industrial and life science applications in stereo microscopy and macroscopy.

Datasheet Schott KL 1600 LED

Datasheet for KL 1600 LED, a fiberoptical light source with a multiple LED light engine, designed for industrial and life science applications in stereo microscopy and macroscopy as well as for all applications that require a flexible output of light.

Datasheet Schott KL 2500 LED

Datasheet for KL 2500 LED, the performance leader in cold light sources from SCHOTT with a LED light engine.

Datasheet Schott KL 300 LED

Datasheet for KL 300 LED, a fiber optic light source with a LED light engine, developed and designed for industrial and life science applications in stereo microscopy and macroscopy.

Datasheet Schott Focusing Lenses

Schott offers focusing lenses for flexible light guides and goosenecks.

Flexible Light Guides – 2 and 3 branch

Schott offers flexible light guides available in different lengths and diameters, 2- and 3- branch.

Datasheet Schott Flexible Light Guides – 1 branch

Schott offers flexible light guides available in different lengths and diameters, 1- branch.

Datasheet Schott Diffusing Ringlight

Datasheet for Diffusing Ringlight, continuous wide ring of a white acrylic diffuser plate within the housing.

Datasheet Schott Jumbo Ringlight

Schott Jumbo Ringlight, continuous ring of illumination fiber that mounts directly to 66mm objective.

Datasheet Schott Gooseneck Light Guides

Schott Gooseneck Light Guides, consisting of Gooseneck light guide, Gooseneck light guide bifurcated and Combi light guide bifurcated.

Datasheet Schott Insert Filters

Schott Insert Filters for KL 1500 HAL, KL 1600 LED and KL 2500 LED. All Schott cold light sources have an integrated filter holder, filter slide or filter wheel.

Datasheet Schott Holder for Lightguides

Schott offers an articulating arm and base as well as holders for different size lightguides and focusing lenses.

Datasheet Schott Transmitted Light Stage

Schott Transmitted Light Stage for microscopy application.

Datasheet Schott Mini Ringlight

Schott Mini Ringlight for absolute shadow-free illumination.

Datasheet Schott Maxi Ringlight

Schott Maxi Ringlight for absolute shadow-free illumination for large area targets.

Datasheet Schott Lightlines

Schott offers Lightlines which are spot to line converters, used to create uniform line illumination.

Datasheet Spatially Randomised Lightline

Spatially Randomised Lightlines are ideal for web and line scanning applications requiring exceptional uniformity.

Datasheet Lightline Linear Polariser Kits

Lightline Linear Polarised Kits to enhance contrast on highly reflective surfaces for area and line scanning applications.

Datasheet Lightline Support Apparatus

Lightline Support Apparatus for accurate positioning in both industrial and laboratory environments.

Datasheet Lightline Lenses

Cylindrical and apertured lenses for 1″ to 16″ lightlines.

Mini, Midi and Maxi Ringlights

For intense, uniform, and shadow-free illumination for 19 to 53mm objective diameters.

KL Accessories

SCHOTT offers mechanical and optical accessories for its KL Light Sources – including color filters, mounting brackets and electrical accessories.

Schott VisiLED Series

Schott VisiLED Series

Schott VisiLED Series offers different illuminator to meet your specific needs.

System Diagram for VisiLED Series

Visual of components and acccessories for Schott model VisiLED series.

Datasheet Schott VisiLED Accessories

VisiLED Accessories including footswitch, converter cable, polarizing filters and diffusor and protection window for ringlight.

Datasheet Schott VisiLED Brightfield Lightheads

Datasheet for VisiLED Brightfield Lightheads, consisting of LED Brightfield Ringlight and Transmitted Light Stage.

Datasheet Schott VisiLED Darkfield Lightheads

Datasheet for VisiLED Darkfield Lightheads, consisting of LED Darkfield Ringlight and Transmitted Darkfield Light Stage.

Datasheet Schott VisiLED Slim Ringlight

Datasheet for VisiLED, Slim Ringlight, consisting of Slim Ringlight with focus optic rings for various working distances and focus optic ring for darkfield illumination.

Controllers and Power Supply for VisiLED MC Series

Part No. and Dimensions of Controller Model and Power Supplies for VisiLED MC Series.

VisiLED Series User Manual

Detailed and technical guide to operate and troubleshoot VisiLED Series.

VisiLED Ring Lights

With latest information on UV Ring Light from Schott. Available in brightfield, darkfield and UV versions.

Adapter Selection Guide

Determine right Schott adapter for your microscope by printing this guide out in actual size and measure against product.

Schott ColdVision Series

Schott ColdVision Series

Schott Cold Vision series provides an extensive offering of light sources, fiber optic light guides, and accessories designed to meet every illumination need for Machine Vision and Microscopy illumination.

ColdVision – LED Light Source (CV-LS) Datasheet

SCHOTT LED Light Source CV-LS design has been improved with an upgraded new set of high brightness LED light engines and coolingsystem for greatly increased light output.

ColdVision MC-LS LED Light Source

 With the ColdVision MC-LS, the SCHOTT technology group has developed a LED light source that combines a maximum light output of 850 lumens with easy operation in a compact housing.

Schott ACE® Light Source

Schott ACE® Light Source is a compact, rugged, AC halogen light source with solid state dimmer for variable light intensity and maximizing lamp life.

SCHOTT® MegaLight LED Light Source

SCHOTT® MegaLight LED, a compact LED light source for fiber optics, is compatible with previous Megalightseries such as MegaLight 100 or MegaLight 100V/200V.

Halogen Lamps & Modulamp Assemblies

Find out more about the difference between EKE and DDL Halogen lamps for ACE and DCR Series Light Sources.

Datasheet MaVi-S Light Source

MaVi-S Light Source emits brief and intense light pulses that result in bright, clear and high-contrast images.

Schott Fiber Optics & Others

Schott Fiber Optics

Schott Fiber Optics are specifically designed to operate seamlessly together and represent your best choice for Industrial Inspection and Microscopy illumination world-wide.

Datasheet Schott Fused Imaging Fiber Optic Tapers

Schott tapers provide a method of minifying or reducing an image with minimum distortion in image transfer applications.

Schott® FLM 4 Datasheet

Schott LED fiber lighting module – FLM – platform has been specifically developed for most efficient coupling of LED light into small-size fiber optic bundles.


Schott glass optical fibers PURAVIS® GOF70 offer high optical performance and longevity for illumination applications.


PURAVIS® GOF85 offers aperture angles up to 85° and is ideal for demanding high end illumination applications.


PURAVIS® GOF120 offers aperture angles larger than 118°, ideal for illumination of large areas with small fiber bundles.

Omron Sentech

Omron Sentech Industrial Cameras

Omron Sentech is a manufacturer of machine vision cameras, with various image sensor and interface option to suit your applications.

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