Silicon Connection Our Products

Silicon Connection offers wide variety of high quality products for world-class manufacturers in semiconductor, microelectronics and other high-tech industries.

Our quality products serve to deliver optimum results and performance for our customers.

We are the exclusive distributor of leading brands such as Entegris, Gel-Pak, NBS, Precision Polymer Engineering, Schott and Omron Sentech.

We also supply Poco Graphite, Delphon, Cynergy®, Perlast®, Kimura®, Nanofluor® and many more reputable brands.

Delivering Best Quality In Our Products

At Silicon Connection, we specialise in Microelectronics Packaging, Facility Components & Equipment, Wafers & Specialty Materials and Lighting & Imaging Products.

We understand the tough challenges that our customers face. Our understanding drives us to consistently deliver top quality products and innovative solutions to suit our customers’ needs in every step of their process.

Our Partners

Read more about our partners that we’re working with to serve the semiconductor and related industries.

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