Silicon Connection supplies a variety of Gel-Film® products. There are 3 legacy product ranges: WF, PF and DGL Gel-Films®. The Gel-Film® products are manufactured using proprietary Gel material.


One commonly used Gel-Film® product is the WF film which is Gel bonded to a metalized polyester substrate material and it is available with an optional pressure sensitive adhesive backing (-A).

WF film is used for a wide assortment of applications such as:

  • Probe Tip Cleaning
  • Wafer Backgrinding
  • Surface Protection
  • Polishing Optics
  • Process Handling Fixtures
  • Scribe and Break cover sheet
  • Flex circuit laser cutting
  • Flat panel display cover
  • Cover sheet for handling fragile wafers
  • Micro displays and lenses


Over the years, Gel-Pak has also developed newer range of carrier film such as LF, SF and ALF Carrier films. These Gel-Films® are specially designed to hold disk drive row bars, crystals and other materials during lapping and polishing process steps.

The elastomers used are optimised for cohesive strength, shear modulus and thickness tolerance. The tack level is also custom formulated to be compatible with customers’ lapping environments.

Gel-Pak Film - elastomer

As our Gel-Film® products are highly customised, we would encourage you to contact us, so that we can find out more information about your challenges and propose a suitable solution for you.

Looking for Vacuum Release Tray?

 Gel-Pak Vacuum Release Trays – VR Series comes in wide variety of specifications and configurations to suit your needs.

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