We supply Gel-FilmĀ® products in 3 different product configurations: WF, PF, and DGL.

The Gel-FilmĀ® products are manufactured using the same proprietary Gel material.


The most commonly used Gel-Film product is the WF film which is Gel bonded to a metalized polyester substrate material and it is available with an optional pressure sensitive adhesive backing (-A).

WF film is used for a wide assortment of applications such as:
  • Probe Tip Cleaning
  • Wafer Backgrinding
  • Disk Drive Bar Lapping
  • Surface Protection
  • Polishing Optics
  • Process Handling Fixtures
  • Scribe and Break cover sheet
  • Flex circuit laser cutting
  • Flat panel display cover
  • Cover sheet for handling fragile wafers
  • Micro displays and lenses


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