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Entegris Corporate Overview

About our Partner Entegris; their Technology; Control Contamination Solutions and Microenvironments.

Gel-Pak Brochure

About Gel-Pak’s proprietary Gel Technology and Products.

NBS EVO Datasheet

Full details of NBS WPC EVO Specifications, Capabilities, Compatibility, Key Features and Benefits.

UltraTape Catalog

Browse through our wide range of UltraTapes and their applications.

Perlast Brochure

About Perlast Polymer Technology, Compatibility and Applications.

PPE Semicon Brochure

About PPE high performance Sealing Solutions for SemiConductor, Photovoltaic and Flat Panel Display Applications; and their Portfolio of Products.

Kimura Brochure

A new era in elastomer technology.

Nanofluor Y75G Brochure

How the hybrid material (a cross between FKM & FFKM) can produce an excellent low erosion yet low cost option for customers.

Graphene Dry Transfer (White Paper)

Gel-Pak’s PF film can be used in the micromechanical exfoliation & transfer of graphene.


Poco Graphite Zee (White Paper)

Poco Graphite’s ZEE material used for ion implant process, showing good erosion resistant & low particle contamination.

Reducing ESD In Fluid Handling

By adding a conducive layer on external of PFA tubing, customers can reduce risk of explosion in fabs for solvents.

Bubble (White Paper)

Entegris flowmeter using differential pressure method provides better flow accuracy compared to traditional methods due to the presence of bubbles in fluid.

Bare Die Tray Catalog

Entegris Bare Die, Chip Scale and Wafer Scale Package Handling.

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