Vacuum Release Tray

We supply Gel-Pak Vacuum Release Trays – VR Series in wide variety of specifications and configurations to suit your needs.


Gel-Pak Vacuum Release Trays are most suitable for:

  • Extremely fragile or thin devices
  • Handling bare die
  • No contact with edges or top surface of device
  • Handling device sizes (X,Y) ranging from 250 micron to 75mm
  • High-volume automated device Pick & Place applications
  • Manual unloading using Vacuum Pens



Gel-Pak Vacuum Release Tray
Gel-Pak Vacuum Release Tray
Vacuum Release Tray

Gel-Pak’s patented VR Series provides a break-through in the handling of devices from small transistors and diodes to large IC’s and wafers. The surface of the tray features a proprietary membrane that holds the device in place.


Gel-Pak’s proprietary membrane holds devices firmly, yet gently, in place.




A vacuum drawn beneath the membrane releases the device for vacuum or manual pick-up.

The VR technology offers many advantages over conventional packages:

  • Eliminates the need for large molded parts inventory
  • Surface and edge protection
  • Prevents edge chipping and chafing during shipping & handling
  • Avoids accidental loss and spillage
  • Eliminates die sticking in pockets and cavities
  • Allows inspection of edges for damage and flaws
  • Captures chip dust fragments and other particles
  • Die edges are fully accessible for handling
  • Multiple device size per part number


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