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Since 20 years ago, Silicon Connection has our business dedicated to support the Semiconductor Industry with the newest and best Facilities Components and Equipment. Through the years, though cost pressures and competition have increased, we work hard to provide stable supply and consistent good quality in our products. Our customers are always our priority and our motivation to deliver the best solutions for their semiconductor needs,

At Silicon Connection, we specialise in Facilities Components in Filtration, Fluid Handling, O-Ring & Seal, as well as Wafer Handling Equipment. Our Engineers are fully trained with knowledge and expertise to provide sales support on each and every one of these facilities components & equipment. We offer products from only the most established brands that are certified to meet industry’s criteria and standards:

Filtration:  We supply Entegris Filtration products, one of the longest established brands. Entegris leads in the advanced Gas and Liquid Filtration and Purification technology. Entegris products are the first choice in the cleanrooms of major semiconductor manufacturers in the world. Entegris provides a wide variety of membranes and media to match the chemical compatibility and process conditions of different manufacturing conditions. Their products provide superior performance in controlling contaminents and improving operating efficiency.

Fluid Handling: Our Entegris Fluid Handling portfolio covers high-purity corrosion-resistant Valve; PFA and FEP Tubing/ Pipe; uniquely designed compact PFA Heat Exchanger; and high-temperature Flowmeter. Entegris covers more than 25 years of advanced technology in fluid containment components and systems for semiconductor and chemical industries. 

O-Ring & Seal: We have a wide selection of Perlast®, Kimura® and Nanofluor® O-Ring and Seal from Precision Polymer Engineering, leader in polymer technology. Make your selection base on your required application temperature, chemical compatibility, lubrication requirements, sealing pressure, cost and size.

Wafer Handling Equipment: We offer NBS automated Wafer Packing/ Unpacking/ Sorting Equipment. NBS provides state-of-the-art technology, cost-savings and high reliability for your wafer processing needs. 

Our Product Range

Browse through our comprehensive range of Facilities Components and Equipment, and contact us for more information!

Entegris Filtration Equipment: Filter Housing, Liquid Filter, Processgard Cartridge Filter, Wafergard III Nickel Filter, Gas Purifier, PVA Brush

Entegris Fluid Handling Equipment: Valve, Tubing/ Pipe, Heat Exchanger, Flowmeter

Perlast® O-Ring & Seal

NBS Wafer Handling Equipment: WPC EVO


Wafer & Specialty Materials

Check out our range of Wafer and Premium Graphite.

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