Silicon Connection sells off-spec/ fallout wafers for backgrind, dicing, taping/ de-taping, inspection set up and other equipment set up applications.

Our different grades of dummy and reclaimed wafers are also used as interposer and heat sink for semiconductor, bio-sicence and R&D application.


Scrap wafers purchased from silicon growers, foundries and reclaim houses are inspected, segregated and packed into different grades for re-use as dummies, or sold off as base material to photovoltaic cell manufacturing worldwide.

In addition, we also supply various customized coated test grade wafers such as Al wafers, thermal oxide wafers.


Dummy Wafer

Dummy wafers/ mechanical grade wafers for equipment set up


Wafer Scraps

Our range of inventory includes 5″, 6″, 8″ and 12″ diameter wafers.

Customers can also choose from our various packaging options such as coin-roll, HWS, wafer on frame for thinned wafers, FOSB and other types of shipping boxes.

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