Gel Box 

The Gel-Box is one of the pioneer products that were introduced by Gel-Pak in the 1980s. There is high demand for Gel-Box today as it is widely used across different industries.

The Gel-Box comprises of a plastic hinged box coated with proprietary Gel or non-silicone Vertec™ at the bottom of box. The Gel or Vertec™ coating keeps the device in place so that it does not move during shipping, thus offering full protection of the device. It is also used to store components securely.


AD or AV Series Gel-Box is intended for manual applications, whereby devices are loaded using a vacuum pen, tweezers or fingers and then unloaded by using tweezers or fingers.


Size of standard Gel-Box ranges from 1″x1″ up to 7″x5″. Custom sizes are also available upon request. Specially, Gel-Pak can also supply Gel in box provided by customers. Coating is available in standard or static dissipative Gel or Vertec™.

Apart from the wide choice of sizes, a variety of hinged boxes with top and bottom material configurations are available. You can choose from materials such as transparent, conductive black, and even transparent antistatic material.


Customers can decide a wide assortment of grid patterns to be printed on Gel or Vertec™, and company name or logo to be printed on the Gel-Box cover can be customised upon request.

Silicon Connection is the authorised distributor of Gel-Pak products for the Southeast Asia region. Being the leader for innovative solutions that help companies in safe shipping and handling of technology devices, Gel-Pak products are widely sought after in the semiconductor industry for a wide range of applications.

Latest innovation Lid Clip Super System (LCS2™) is launched to alleviate Component-Out-Of-Pocket (COOP) condition during shipping. This new solution can help manufacturers save cost annually.

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