Products For Shipping Wafers

SB300 FOSB (Front Opening Shipping Box)

SB300 FOSB (Front Opening Shipping Box)

State of the art shipper offering automation compatibility, making full fab automation a reality.
Crystalpak Wafer Shipping Box

200mm Ultrapak® Wafer Shipping Box

H9200- shipping boxes are engineered to provide maximum protection using Wafershield™ high-purity polypropylene for low inorganics and particle generation.
H93-series Single Wafer Shipper

H93-series Single Wafer Shipper

is used for shipping and storage applications. Holds one wafer facedown contacting only the wafer’s edges.

Our Wafer Canisters and accessories protect and transport finished wafers in full, thin or ultra-thin thickness. All products are kept low in ionics, outgassing and particles. Comes with machine automatable features.

Wafer Canister & Accessories

Wafer Canister and Accessories

Wafer Interleaf

Wafer Interleaf

Inner Cushion

Inner Cushions

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Entegris Process Wafer Carrier

We offer a wide range of Entegris Process Wafer Carriers in 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and more.

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