Film Frame Shipper

Item NumberDescription
E400-083-101-0615Multiple Film Frame Shipper, 150mm (212.0mm Frame)
E400-083-101-67C02Multiple Film Frame Shipper, 150mm (212.0mm, Stat-Pro 125)
E400-085-101-0615Multiple Film Frame Shipper, 150mm (215.9mm Frame)
E400-085-101-67C02Multiple Film Frame Shipper,150mm (215.9mm Frame), Stat-Pro150
E400-266-101-67C02Multiple Film Frame Shipper, 200mm (266.0mm frame)
E400-276-101-0615Multiple Film Frame Shipper, 200mm(276mm Frame)
E400-276-101-67C02Multiple Firm Frame Shipper, 200mm (276.0mm Frame)
E400-380-101-0615300mm Multiple Film Frame Shipper (For Metal Ring)
E400-380-101-67C02Multiple Film Frame Shipper, 300mm (For Metal Frames)
E400-RC277P-67C02SReplacement Cushion, STAT-PRO 125, Black
SFFS200-101A-1202Single Film Frame Shipper, 200mm
FF-1088" Stainless Steel Wafer Ring
FF-12312" Stainless Steel Wafer Ring
FFP-7290-12Plastic Wafer Rings, 6"
FFP-7290-14Plastic Wafer Rings, 8"
FFP-7290-15Plastic Wafer Rings, 6"
FFS-3970-105BFilm Frame Shipper for 8.0" Wafer - Conductive
FFS-3970-108Single Film Frame Shipper(Frame#:FF-108/10.866" wide frame)
FFS-3970-108ASingle Film Frame Shipper (Frame# FF-108/10.866" wide frame)
FFS-3970-70Film Frame Shipper for 6" Wafer - Anti-static
FFS-3970-80AFilm Frame Shipper - Single, Clear PTEG Plastic
FFS-3970-80CFilm Frame Shipper for 6.0" Wafer - Conductive

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