Lighting and Imaging FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Schott lighting and imaging products.

Do you have this light source?

Previously available model

Now replaced by

KL 1500

KL 1500 HAL or KL 1600 LED

KL 2500 LCD

KL 2500 LED

KL 1500 LED Plus

KL 2500 LED

KL 1500 LED

KL 1600 LED

KL 750

KL 1500 HAL or KL 1600 LED

KL 200 (LED)

KL 300 LED

KL 150 B

KL 1500 HAL or KL 1600 LED

K 40

KL 1500 HAL or KL 1600 LED

We are continuously improving our range of products with the latest technology to suit your lighting needs.

Is light guide of KL 2500 LCD similar to KL 2500 LED?

No, they have different outer-diameter. Need to be replaced. The new light guide that is compatible with KL 2500 LED is Product Number 155.100 with 0.5mm diameter. For other sizes, please contact us to check with our Technical Support.

KL 300 LED have other compatible adaptors?

Yes, they have compatible adaptors, stand-alone variant and other mounting angles.

Are the old light guides bought before 1990s still usable for new light source?

No, they are not compatible anymore with the new light sources.

Do you carry the spares and accessories for KL series?

Yes, for availability for specific spare parts or accessories, please contact us and check with our customer service.

Can I replace a LED module from a halogen lamp?

LED modules will not be able to be used on halogen light sources.

Do you know where can I get the full range of Schott Industrial and Microscopy products?

Yes, you can contact us. We are the exclusive distributor for Schott Industrial and Microscopy products in South East Asia.

What is the warranty that Schott / Silicon Connection offers?

Please contact us for specific warranty information.

Are all the light guides compatible to all the light sources of KL series?

No, the light guides are compatible to specific KL series model.
Please refer to our System Diagram – KL 300 LED, System Diagram – KL 1600 LED, KL 2500 LED, KL 1500 HAL

How can I use a Schott ringlight with my existing microscope?

We have a wide range of adaptors which our ringlight can mount directly to the microscope. We offer ringlights of diameter of 40 to 86mm. Please refer to adapter selection guide or contact us to see which adaptor you need.

Are light guides from other manufacturers compatible with Schott light source?

Although it is possible to use other manufacturers’ light guides, we recommend using original Schott light guides for optimum results. Please check with us for the relevant light guides adaptors.

What is difference between EKE and DDL lamp for halogen light source?

Please refer to this datasheet for more information about the difference between EKE and DDL lamp.

What is the standard lead time for Schott products?

Different products have different lead time. Please check with us for the lead time required.

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Need help?

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