Learn more about our Kimura® Centering Rings, key to semiconductor wafer manufacturers. Use Kimura® for superior performance, cost savings and extended life.


The Kimura® range of high performance elastomer materials utilize a controlled molecular architecture which provides a unique self-reinforcing polymer structure, eliminating the need for fillers of any kind. This high purity material breaks new ground in elastomer technology, developed specifically for aggressive semiconductor applications.
Key Features of Kimura® seals include:

  • Exceptionally pure – does not contain any fillers which may cause particulation problems
  • Outstanding plasma resistance – ideal for Chlorine, Fluorine & Oxygen chemistries
  • Exceptionally low plasma etch rate
  • Low thermal expansion
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Kimura Slit Valve Doors & Centering Rings
Kimura® is a registered trademark of Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd.

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