We are excited to introduce the all-new ColdVision MC-LS LED light source from Schott.

The new SCHOTT ColdVision MC-LS LED is a high quality fiber optic light source with a light output of up to 850 Lumens. It also comes with a USB port on the back panel which allows remote control of light source. Robust with sturdy metal housing, it has a small footprint that takes up less space on your work desk.

The ColdVision MC-LS LED light source is compatible with all SCHOTT ColdVision series light guides, ensures homogeneous illumination and has a wide range of applications.

The MC-LS keeps a constant colour temperature of 5400 Kelvin over the full output range, which also means a constant light quality.

The MC-LS has a low energy consumption of only 60 Watts as the light source uses LED. Temperature monitoring feature is also available to provide thermal protection of LED light engine for longer lifetime. This will give users more than 50,000 maintenance-free operating hours, which helps to save operational cost and downtime due to lamp replacements.

Here is a press release from Schott; read on to learn about all the features of MC-LS:

Schott MC-LS Press Release 1
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Schott MC-LS Press Release 2
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View this video presentation of the ColdVision MC-LS LED light source from Schott:

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