This is the second World Vision Child Sponsorship trip I participated. It was nice meeting our company’s four sponsored children in person (one boy and three girls) in Antique. Initially they were shy but they gradually warmed to us. It was good listening to them talking about their families and their aspirations.

Although the weather in Antique was very hot but I enjoyed the programs organised by the World Vision Philippines staff. We visited iTUON, a community-based learning hub providing additional learning resources educational needs. We helped painted the chairs. We were impressed by the national high school project “From Waste to Ace”. The project aims to create opportunities for children, parents, community members to learn vegetable cultivation and encourage a healthy lifestyle, caring for the environment and farming collaboration. We were fascinated by their recycled charcoal and flower pots. We enjoyed the activities at the school-based mobile library. The children were spontaneous and eager to learn. It was fun playing games with them too. Some trippers donated books to them.

Though programs were packed daily, I enjoyed all the activities. I was impressed by the World Vision Philippines staff of their dedication and warmth hospitality. Their effort and hard work are commendable.

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(Post written by Adeline Liau, who travelled with fellow Silicon Connector Carlo Pimentel, to visit our sponsored children in Antique Philippines.)

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