Yen Thuy lies in a semi-mountainous district, 130km from Hanoi. Is an region badly impacted by climate change. Villagers experienced droughts around 4-5 months in a year, compared to 2-3 months previously. Close to 20% of the population there are living below poverty line (< US$20/pax/month).

Since electricity supply is very weak and unstable in that area, Silicon Connection partners World Vision Singapore to install solar power system that will enable this school to have a safer and better learning environment. Currently, the children are suffering from hot and dark learning spaces as fans and lights are unable to work.

Worse still, to support cooking needs, the school often resort to using environmentally-unfriendly and unclean fuels such as coal & wood.

Children studying there also lack clean water for drinking or washing hands because filtration and pumping systems are often cut off due to electricity outages.

The project was completed in Feb 2023 and provides sustainable source of energy can last for > 30 years.

Read more about the project here and check out this video.

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