Earthquake has hit Philippines on 15th October that affected Bohol & Cebu.  The death toll for the earthquake continues to climb and as of 21 October, 186 people have been reported dead and 583 are injured. The island of Bohol was the most affected with 172 residents who have lost their lives, and more are missing. Close to 400,000 have been displaced and are homeless due to the destruction of infrastructure—fallen bridges, collapsed buildings, damaged roads and more.

We were being informed our 4 sponsored children and their families staying in Bohol area are safe.  World Vision is working closely with the local authorities and appealing for financial aid to deliver critical and timely help to the victims.

World Vision aims to raise US$1.5 million globally for house-rebuilding and other life-saving food and non-food items like hygiene kits etc.  We have managed to fund-raise a total amount of S$1,500.00 from the staff and company.  Hope the small donation does help.


For more information about Bohol, Philippines earthquake relief, please read here.

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