Wafer Carrier & Storage Box

Item NumberDescription
125-160-0215150mm Wafer Carrier
125-175-47C02150mm Wafer Carrier
125-175-47C02-LM150mm Wafer Carrier (with Laser Marking)
125-175-T03-47C02150mm Double Pitch Wafer Carrier, with Blue Tag
126-1659-97C02Wafer Carrier K196-60MLB with Barcode Label
A040-103-0215150mm Squeeze Style Handles with Lock Bar
A182-39MU-0215100mm Wafer Carrier
A182-50M-0215125mm Wafer Carrier, Natural PFA
A182-60MB-0215150mm Wafer Carrier
A182-60MC-0215150mm Wafer Carrier
A192-80M-0215200mm Process Carrier, High Profile, Natural PFA
A196-60MLR-47C02150mm Wafer Carrier,STAT-PRO 300 with single RF Micro Tag
A72-20M-02152" Wafer Carrier, Material: PFA
A72-30M-02153" (76.2mm) Wafer Carrier, Material: PFA
A72-40-03-0215100mm Squeeze Style Handles, Natural PFA
A72-40-04B-0215100mm Wafer Carrier Handles, Slingshot Style
A72-60-03-02156" Handle, Squeeze Style. Material: Natural PFA
A82-04-021576.2mm Handles, Material : PFA
A82M-02153" Wafer Carriers, PFA (White)
E124-60-101-0603150mm Storage Boxes (Blue)
E124-60-101-61C02Box - Storage 150mm
E124-60-101-69F02150mm Storage Boxes, Latch: Slide, Material: STAT-PRO 175
E207-80-101-61C02Storage box - 200mm (Black)
E210-80-1000-69F02200mm Storage Box, Swing Pin Latch
E52-101-61C0276.2mm (3") Storage Boxes, STAT-PRO 100
E90-101-0603Storage Box 150mm (Blue)
E90-101-0607Storage Box 150mm (Yellow)
E90-101-61C02Box - Storage 150mm
E90-102-0605150mm Storage Boxes, Green
E90-102-61C02150mm Storage Boxes, one swing pin latch on front
E99-101-61C02Box - Storage 200mm
FA182-60MB-7902150mm wafer carrier
H22-10-0615Tray-1" Individual Wafer Shipper
H22-101-0615Cover-1" Individual Wafer Shipper
H22-20-0615Tray - 2" Individual Wafer Shipper Tray
H22-201-0615Tray - 2" Individual Wafer Shipper Cover
H22-302-0615Spring - Single Wafer 3"
H22-40-0615Tray - Single Wafer 4"
H22-401-0615Cover - Single Wafer 4"
H22-402-0615Spring-4" Individual Wafer Shipper
H22-60-0615Tray - Single Wafer 6"
H22-601-0615Cover - Single Wafer 6"
H22-602-0615Spring - Single Wafer 6"
H9100-0042100mm Multiple Wafer Shipping Boxes (Ultrapak)
H9100-0051ASSY - 100mm ULTRAPACK THIN WAFER SW (Cleaned)
H9150-0038ASSY - 150mm Ultrapak Wafer shipper Cleaned
H93-120-101-1116300mm Single Wafer Shipper, Clear Polycarbonate
H93-80-101-1116200mm Single Wafer Shipper, Clear Polycarbonate
HS200-0043-1200mm Crystalpak. Assembly Cleaned Packaging
HWS150-100-CCPFPink Inner Cushion, 150mm (6") dia. x 3.00mm (0.118") thk
HWS150-101-61C02MSmartStack Horizontal Wafer Shipepr, 150mm (6") Wafers
HWS150-3LR500-INSMultilayer Non-woven Insert, 150 x 0.25 x 0.01" (mm)
HWS150C-1PK-KIT150mm Contactless Kit
HWS-1PK-KIT-BOXCorrugated Shipping Box, 200mm/150mm HWS - 1 Shipper
HWS200-100-CCPFPink Inner Cushion, 200mm (8") dia.x 3.00mm (0.118") thick
HWS200-3LR500-INSMultilayer Non-woven Insert
HWS200-5TY500-INSSingle Layer Non-woven Polyethylene Wafer Insert 200mm
HWS200C-101-61C02M200mm Contactless HWS with 26 Rings
HWS300-100-CCPFPink Inner Cushion, 300mm (12") dia.x 3.00mm (0.118") thick
HWS300-101A-61C02M300mm (12") HWS, Material: STAT-PRO 100M
HWS300-G2-61C02BSmartStack Horizontal Shipper, 300mm (12") wafers
K196-60MLB-97C02150mm Wafer Carrier
KA198-80MB-47C02200mm Wafer Carrier, PEEK material
PA182-60MB-0603150mm Transport Wafer Carrier, Blue Polypropylene
PA182-60MB-61C02150mm Wafer Carrier
PA192-80M-0603200mm Wafer Carrier, Blue Polypropylene
PA192-80M-61C02200mm Wafer Carrier
PA194-60MB-0603150mm Wafer Carrier (Blue)
PA194-60MB-61C02150mm Wafer Carrier
PA200-79MDTH-61C02200mm Wafer Carrier, STAT-PRO 100
PA200-80MG-61C02200mm Wafer Carrier, Material: Black Polypropylene
PA72-20M-06032" Wafer Carriers - Blue Polypropylene
PA72-25M-06032.5" Wafer Carrier, Blue Polypropylene
PA72-40MB-61C02(N-E)100mm Wafer Carrier. Material: STAT-PRO 100. Color: Black
PA72-50M-0603125mm Wafer Carrier
SFFS300-101B-1202Single Film Frame Shipper 300mm wafer (380mm frame)

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