O-Ring & Seal

Item NumberDescription
K13X BTEPPE076-1 REVK13X BTEPPE076-1 Revision A, KIMURA
K13X-132.94-3.53Kimura K13X High Performance Elastomer
K13X-228.19-3.53K13X KIMURA High Performance Elastomer 75
K13X-26.64-2.62K13X KIMURA High Performance Elastomer 75
K13X-27.94-5.33K13X KIMURA High Performance Elastomer 75
K13X-278.99-3.53K13X KIMURA High Performance Elastomer 75
K13X-380.59-3.53K13X KIMURA High Performance Elastomer 75
K13X-39.34-2.62K13X KIMURA High Performance Elastomer 75
K13X-41.00-1.78K13X KIMURA High Performance Elastomer 75
K13X-456.06-3.53Kimura K13X High Performance Elastomer
K13X-98.02-3.53Kimura K13X High Performance Elastomer O-Ring
F70C-170.82-5.33F70C FVMQ 70 Blue
F70C-215.27-5.33MMF70C FVMQ 70 Blue
G100XT-63.09-3.5363.09 X 3.53 MM, G100XT FFKM 63 Translucent Perlast
G67P-164.69-3.53G67P FFKM 67 Translucent Perlast
G67P-171.05-3.53G67P FFKM 67 Translucent Perlast
G67P-18.72-2.62G67P FFKM 67 Translucent Perlast
G67P-247.02-5.33G67P FFKM 67 Translucent Perlast
G67P-25.07-2.62G67P FFKM 67 Translucent Perlast
G67P-266.07-5.33Perlast PEP3510A Bottom chamber o-ring (78-2567)
G67P-279.00-3.53G67P FFKM 67 Translucent Perlast
G67P-40.65-5.33Perlast Foreline KF 40 O-ring (78-0134)
G67P-9.25-1.78G67P FFKM 67 Translucent Perlast
G70H-21.13-15.9-1.99Item Number: 047-000280, Material: Perlast G70H
G71H 78-2808 REV 1Astex lamp tray cup seal, G71H - Direct source (78-2808)
G71H BTEPPE033-1Rev. C, Perlast Platen feed Through O-Ring (78-2568)
G71H-18.72-2.62O-Ring 18.72 X 2.62 MM White Perlast G71H (FFKM)
G71H-4.5-1.3BT1146KIT Matt Son Stripper Paddles O-Ring
G71H-63.17-2.62Iridia Platen Assy O-ring - 9144-G71H - SE-022508
G71H-75.87-2.62Perlast Irida Platen O-ring - big/piece (78-2709)
G74P NOVPPE023-1REV A, G74P-NOVPPE023-1 Revision A
G74P NOVPPE032-2REV A, G74P-NOVPPE032-2 Revision A
G74P PPE/NOV/016-00120.00 X 4.00 MM, G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast
G74P-1.78-1.781.78 X 1.78 MM, G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast
G74P-10.69-3.5310.69 X 3.53 MM, G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast
G74P-10.77-2.6210.77 X 2.62 MM, G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast
G74P-10.82-1.7810.82 X 1.78 MM, G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast
G74P-12.37-2.6212.37 X 2.62 MM, G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast
G74P-12.42-1.78G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast, 12.42 X 1.78 MM
G74P-13.95-2.6213.95 X 2.62 MM, G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast
G74P-15.54-2.62Perlast PEP 3510A Thermocouple O-Ring, Outer (78-2555)
G74P-15.60-1.78G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast, 15.60 X 1.78 MM
G74P-164.47-5.33Perlast Iridia bottom lamp tray cover top O-ring (78-2738)
G74P-164.69-3.53G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast, 164.69 X 3.53 MM
G74P-16X21X2MMPerlast PEP 3510A Lifter to Lower Chamber Sq. Ring 73337-01
G74P-171.04-3.53Chamber Base 2-261, 6.734ID x .139, G74P AS261 (71004-61)
G74P-18.64-3.53G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast, A210-G74P
G74P-18.72-2.62Perlast Iridia EOP O-ring
G74P-2.9-1.78CLTC Assy O-ring - 9006-G74P
G74P-20.29-2.62Perlast Iridia Down Stream EOP Head O-ring
G74P-209.14-3.53209.14 X 3.53 MM, G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast
G74P-22.12-1.78G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast, 22.12 X 1.78 MM
G74P-24.99-3.53Perlast Astex plasma O-ring
G74P-247.02-5.33Perlast PEP3510A Chamber Top O-ring (78-2566)
G74P-25.07-2.62Perlast Iridia Over Prs. Relief Vlv middle O-ring A78-096-01
G74P-25.12-1.78G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast, 25.12 X 1.78 MM
G74P-253.6-3.53Perlast Iridia chamber wall bottom O-ring (78-2710)
G74P-26.65-2.62Perlast PEP 3510A Thermocouple O-Ring, Inner (78-2558)
G74P-266.3-3.53Perlast Iridia Chamber Top O-ring
G74P-27.99-2.16Perlast Iridia Door O-ring (78-2770)
G74P-279-3.53Middle Process Chamber O Ring (78-2563)
G74P-28.17-3.53Perlast Iridia Over Prs. Relief Valve Plate O-ring (78-2614)
G74P-28.3-1.78Perlast PEP3510A Unified S/S joint O-ring (78-2553)
G74P-29.74-2.95Perlast PEP3510A Platen feed Through O-Ring (78-2568)
G74P-29.82-2.62Perlast plasma tube O-ring (78-2685)
G74P-29.87-1.78G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast, 29.87 X 1.78 MM
G74P-31.75-3.18Perlast PEP3510A Viewport Manometer, Window Qtz, EOP
G74P-40.64-5.33Perlast Foreline KF 40 O-ring (78-0134)
G74P-40.65-5.33Perlast Foreline KF 40 O-ring (78-0134)
G74P-50.4-3.53O-ring IRIDIA ISO Valve - Small AS568-226 (78-2602)
G74P-53.34-5.33Perlast Foreline KF 50 O-ring (78-2564)
G74P-56.52-5.33Perlast Astex top lamp tray O-ring
G74P-72.62-3.53Perlast ISO valve O-ring - Big (78-2601)
G74P-72.69-2.6272.69 X 2.62 MM, G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast
G74P-8.13-1.02Iridia CLTC O Ring - 813102-G74P - 8.13mm x 1.02mm
G74P-88.49-3.5388.49 X 3.53 MM, G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast
G74P-9.25-1.78Perlast PEP3510A Bubble O-ring, gas inlet (78-2554)
G74P-94.62-5.33G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast, 94.62 X 5.33
G75H NOVPPE026-1REV A, Plasma Chamber Custom O-Ring
G75H-151.99-3.53G75H FFKM 75 White Perlast
G75H-19.50 X 4.00 MMBTV2575H ORING PL INNER TC, ID 19.50 X CS 4.0
G75H-309.3-5.7BTG31575H O-RING CAP ID309.3 X CS 5.7MM
G75H-331.50 X 6.00MMBTV34075H ORING PL OUTER TUBE, 331.5X6.0
G75H-6.00 X 2.00MMC602-G75H CENTER TC ORING
G75H-7.59-2.62G75H FFKM 75 White Perlast,7.59mm x 2.62mm
G75H-7.60-2.627.60 X 2.62 MM, G75H FFKM 75 White Perlast
G75H-9.19 X 2.62 MMBT11575H ORING PL INJECTOR ID 9.19 X CS 2.62
G76W-10.46-5.33G67W FFKM Cream Perlast
MO2S-78-2782MO2S NOVPPE019-1 Revision A
NW16G74PAL18.00 X 5.00 MM, G74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast
NW40G74PALG74P FFKM 74 Translucent Perlast, 42.00 X 5.00 MM
V60B SCPPPE001-1Revision A - V60B Spacer
V74C-15.54-2.62V74C (FKM) Copolymer Low Compression set
V74C-309.3-5.7MMV74C (FKM) Copolymer Low Compression set
V75B-120.33-2.62V75B FKM 70 Copolymer, 120.33 X 2.62 MM
V75B-134.40 X 3.10MMBTG135V70 ORING V70 TRAP, ID 134.4 X CS 3.1MM
V75B-15.54-2.62V75B FKM 70 Copolymer
V75B-26.64-2.62V75B FKM 70 Copolymer
V75B-28.17-3.53V75B FKM 70 Copolymer, 28.17 X 3.53 (MM)
V75B-40.50-4.90V75B FKM 70 Copolymer
V75B-6.02-2.62Perlast Throttle Valve Brown Viton O Ring - MKS
V75B-7.66-1.78V75B FKM 70 Copolymer, 7.66 X 1.78 MM
V75B-78.78-5.33V75B FKM 70 Copolymer, 78.78 X 5.33 MM
V75B-93.00 X 5.00 MMV75B FKM 70 Copolymer, 93.00 X 5.00 MM

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