Lighting and Imaging Accessories

Item NumberDescription
ARC01626 Pin Camera Power Cable, 3M
ARC0179Camera Power Cable - 5M
ARC0185GigE-CAT6 Cable-1m
ARC0188GigE-CAT6 Cable-5m
HRA00130.5MP, GigE Camera, 1/3.6", CMOS Colour, 200 FPS
HRA00330.5MP, GigE Camera, 1/3.6", CMOS Monochrome, 200 FPS
ARC00671x WD=65mm Coaxial Variable Iris
CL00632/3" , 2MP ,WD: 110mm Magnification 1.0X , Straight Type
MLH-10XMoritex FA Lens
ARC0166Mouse / Keyboard Set (Black)
ARC017015" Touch Capacitive Screen, IP65, Industrial Grade
ARC0174Serial Comm RS232 MCU Ctrl, 1CH Relay module w/Casing
ARC0191HDMI Cable 4K Flat 1.5M
ARC0195RS232 PLC M-F 5M cable
ARC0196Serial Com RS232 Modbus RTU Control 4 CH 24V relay Module
ARC0198Display stand Bracket with rotation telescope arm
ARC0199Serial Com RS232 MCU Control 2CH Relay Module w/Housing
ARC0210DC-DC APS Strobe 24V 60W 4 Ch
ARC0218USB to RS232 Cable 1M
ARC0219Digital Optical Fiber amplifier sensor diffuse reflection
ARC0220Fibre Optic 1m M3 (ARC-ER-2-22)
SC-2012230HDMI to VGA adaptor
ARC0159DIN Rail Power Supply 150W, 24V, 5A
ARC0160DIN Rail Power Supply 24W, 24V, 1A
ARC0161DIN Rail Power Supply, 20W, 12V, 1.67A
ARC0167Spot Lighting 8mm Blue 0~5W with controller
ARC0171Coaxial Illumination, 30x27x56mm. Area 20x20mm, 24V White
ARC0189Coaxial Illumination, 80X47X46mm, FOV 38x44mm, 24V, White
ARC0192SM (3P) to SM (3P) Extension Cable 3m
ARC0207Ring Lighting, Blue
ARC0209DC-DC APS 24V 60W 4 Channel
ARC0227UV Illumination Direct Ring 365nm
ARC0228UV Illumination Square Type Oblique Light 365nm
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