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We supply PureAire range of Oxygen Monitors that have been proven to be effective, innovative, reliable and easy-to-use.

Silicon Connection has been appointed as the authorised distributor for PureAire Monitoring Systems Inc. in South East Asia, effective July 2017. PureAire, a company based in Illinois USA, is the industry leader in gas detection. PureAire has accumulated decades of experience and their proprietary technology to create the perfect oxygen monitoring systems.

In a setting where colorless, odorless gases are present (eg. nitrogen, CO2, argon, cryogenic gases), monitoring the environment is crucial to safeguard everyone from health risks. Gases such argon and nitrogen deplete oxygen from the environment. The drop in oxygen level will cause respiratory difficulties and loss of coordination for staff in the lab. It can become dangerous within a few minutes. Such hazardous gas leaks are not detectable as they are invisible with no special scent.

The best solution lies in a Oxygen Monitor. In addition to acting as a gas detector, the Oxygen Monitor does the extra steps to track and set off the alarm when hazardous gases has depleted oxygen level below safe breathing levels. This immediately notify staff to evacuate before they experience negative health impacts. Having Oxygen Monitors installed not only keeps your working environment safe, it is also the most cost-effective way to protect the health of your staff.

Check out the key features of PureAire O2 Monitoring System gas detector:

PureAire check O2 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

  • Long Sensor Life 10+ years
  • No Calibration Required
  • No Maintenance Zirconium Cell
  • Operates in Freezers at – 40 °C
  • No Drift due to Environmental or Temperature Changes
  • Local Display, 4-20mA Analog Output
  • Joystick Adjustable Dual Alarm Relays
  • Integral Computer Controlled Electronics
  • Modbus and Wireless Output Available

The PureAire Oxygen Monitor can be easily installed in any confined space where potentially hazardous gases such as cryogenic gases are located. It can alert the factory should oxygen level fall below ambient level due to (for example) a nitrogen, helium or argon spill. This device is widely applicable in various industries, from Microelectronics to Hospitals. Read more about the product testimonials here http://www.monitoroxygen.com/testimonials.html

For more information about PureAire products, please visit https://www.pureairemonitoring.com

Silicon Connection is proud to partner PureAire in providing solutions to our customers’ safety concerns, particularly in the Semiconductor industries where gas leak is a potential hazard. Contact us for more information today!

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