Silicon Connection is proud to be partnering PureAire in providing oxygen monitors to Singapore and the South East Asia region.
With over 2 decades of experience, PureAire is the expert in gas detection. Being a market leader, PureAire’s mission is simple; Keep people safe.


PureAire’s cutting edge technology will solve your safety concern for your staff in fabs, labs or facility that deals with ordourless and colourless gases such as Nitrogen, Helium, Argon and Cryogenic gas tank. These gases could be potentially hazardous to your staff’s safety while they are working in the environment.

PureAire Device

PureAire’s oxygen monitor ensures the safety of your staff with their reliable device. With only one installation with built-in sensors, PureAires oxygen monitor could last more than 10 years with no maintenance.

Many large semiconductors companies, universities, altitude training companies, medical companies and hospitals are just some of PureAire’s clients. Increasingly, food companies adopting nitrogen in their packaging or food preparation process are also looking at installing oxygen monitors to ensure the safety of the staff.

PureAire Oxygen Monitor Testimonials

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