Parts Cleaning & Inspection

Utilizing class 100 clean-room facility with aqueous ultrasonic cleaning, Silicon Connection is able to customize the cleaning process for customers’ FOUP, FOSB, Crystal-Pak®, Ultra-Pak®, Wafer Storage Boxes, Transport, Process Carriers and other critical parts cleaning.

Liquid Particle Count (LPC) & Ion Chromatography (IC) and other laboratory analysis are available upon request.




Wafer Backgrind and Dicing

Complementing with our sale of dummy and test wafers, Silicon Connection provides wafer back-grind and dicing services for customers.




Dicing & back-grind for 6″, 8″ and 12″ wafers

In additional, Silicon Connection also helps customers in providing Laser Marking, Clean-room Labeling and other Identification Services for PFA Cassettes, and Wafer Rings and other products we sold.


Particle-free, Residue-free Clean-room Labels



Laser Marking Services

Silicon Connection provide in house laser marking services for our wafer handling products, such as PFA/PEEK wafer cassettes.

We also mark graphite crucibles and other fab critical materials.

Peek cassette with laser marked barcode


Do contact us for more details about our capabilities and the services we offer.

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