In collaboration with One Blue Heart, Silicon Connectors headed to Bedok area for Corporate Social Responsibility activity with the goal of connecting to selected needy families and gifting essential food items.

On 11 May 2019, we assembled at the respective blocks packing centre at 10 a.m. to sort and pack the food. The food items included rice, cooking oil, biscuits, canned food, noodles, chicken and eggs. We formed into two groups to visit a total of 31 families. We started packing the items after our food suppliers arrived with the goods.

Some of our colleagues also brought along their family members to participate in this meaningful activity on that Saturday morning. Each family that we visited, we spent some time to connect with them and to understand their difficulties.

Each family has their own challenges. What Silicon Connection aims to do is to help these families in ways which we can. It could be as simple as providing a needed companion for a market trip or for a doctor’s visit. We hope to offer some assistance to ease the challenges faced by the sponsored families.

We will be continuing the collaboration with One Blue Heart for future Corporate Social Responsibility events, to provide help, necessities or and support to the selected families in Bedok.

After this event, we were more aware how we can render help to these families and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Stay tune for more Corporate Social Responsibility activity updates in our blog section!

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