On the 21st of April 2023, Silicon Connection tied up with ELMS Industrial to celebrate Earth Day in a meaningful manner.

Our staff accumulated a full pallet of electronic scrap which consists of items such as printers, computers and related peripherals, and also small electrical appliances for recycling.

As you may already know, E-waste contains harmful substances such as lead, mercury, and cadmium that can contaminate our soil, water, and air, posing significant risks to human health and ecosystems. Recycling e-waste not only prevents these hazardous materials from seeping into our environment, but also conserves valuable resources. By recycling electronic devices, we can recover precious metals, plastics, and other materials, minimizing carbon footprint of manufacturing new products.

ELMS Industrial is an local recycling and material management company established since 1994. They are ISO 14001 certified, conforming to stringent quality and environmental management standards. They specialize in the treatment, processing and recycling of electronic scrap.

By Participating in Earth Day 2023, we hope to bring greater awareness and same time encourage others to likewise dispose off their e-waste responsibly. Today, there are now many approved recycling collection centres in Singapore individuals to dispose their electronic scrap. And for corporations, you can also to engage NEA approved vendors like ELMS to assist you in your recycling efforts. Do support initiatives that promote e-waste collection and recycling programs in your community and advocate for stricter regulations and policies to hold manufacturers accountable for the lifecycle of their products.

Together, we can help to build a more sustainable future and protect our beautiful planet. Remember there is no Planet B!!

Silicon Connection ELMS Earth Day Collection
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